Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Between Dusk and Dawn

Only in the calm of the latest of night,
The earliest of morning, halfway
Between dusk and dawn, can I see;
Yet barely. Cars are still out driving
The people to their late-night places;
Trains, carrying hellish blacken coal,
Pumping ceaselessly through the veins
Of that machination deemed society.

Machines have no society,
And if they did, it’s a good bet
The human race would not.
What state must I be in
Where all I see is doom?

Alas, into a dream,
Free of humanity’s
Useless things.

Sailing across and endless azure sea,
Flying on an emerald hummingbird,
I came to a place of eternal spring.
It was here I would plant my seed,
In this virgin forest, far, far away
From cars, concrete, and modernity.

In limbo, the sun begins to rise.
The duties paid, but never in full,
The far away world of dreams
Fades into the coming dawn.

“Have you never seen
The tossing and trembling
That goes on?”

The tumult between
Life, Death, Dreams.

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