Wednesday, February 11, 2009

थे कॉल में क्रेजी तूर्ण

Dogs roaming, cats creeping;

Full moon overhead.

Guitar strung around his back,

Dirty, shaggy hair.

The train whistle

Echoes through the air,

He jumps off a boxcar,

No worries, no cares.

No name anymore,

Just two eyes and a song,

A story of sorrow,

Stone heart made strong

Now it won’t be long,

Til up the sun rise,

Still no sleep

For those wrinkled eyes.

He dreams when he’s awake,

Wanders in the night,

And sings about the shadows,

The cold, blue light.

Gotta have three eyes to see him,

Two more to catch his stare,

Rough boots walkin free,

No home not here or there.

A long time ago,

They say he killed a man,

Know no one really knows,

They just leave him all alone.

They call him Crazy Turn,

The Ghost, the Unknown.

There he is, walkin down the road.

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