Monday, February 16, 2009

"तित्तिएस गोत्ता स्कुईज़े ठेम्सेल्वेस"

Chicken strut slut
Walkin down the street
In the snow with bare feet.

“Titties gotta squeeze themselves!”
Says the man on PCP,
Stark naked, raving mad,
Handcuffed by police.

In the ghetto, shattered glass,
In the slums, sewage and ash.
Up on a winding overpass,
Luxury cars drive by real fast.

In one of them,
A black Mercedes Benz,
Cocaine and champagne,
Sex, money, lack of friends.

A window opens,
A bottle thrown out,
And it’s picked up in the gutter,
To exchange for just five cents.

That’s how he feeds his family,
That’s how he pays rent;

Hoping one day,
From a car up above,
A wad of cash will come falling,
Tumbling into his hands, like love.

Little does he know,
His angel dove will stay a dream,
A false reality, a scheme;
Gunshot rings out,
Blood runs down the street.

That’s all she wrote,
For titties who squeeze themselves.

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